Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

"Out of the Dark" aus 11/02, also schon gut abgehangen^^ Entstanden ist's aus einer Trennung heraus.

Out of the dark

Uncountable days, innumerable feelings,
washed out of my life forever.
Wounded me deep in many ways, I had no hope of healings,
always remembering the years we spent together.

I lied down shattered on the ground,
I lost my love for real, my mind so close to madness.
But then a helping hand I found,
and learned to deal with overwhelming sadness.

I´ll thank you, brother,
now I´ve learned to cope with woe and got to know my life again.
Listening to each other.
This was the help I needed so and further quested for in vain.

I came to the terms with my past,
and life is raising me a smile, I feel contented with,
`cause I recognized at long last:
“My life´s worth wile, my life is worth to live!”

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Line hat gesagt…

Ich hab ein bisschen gebraucht, um es wirken zu lassen, hab
es quasi auch gut abhängen lassen ;)
es nimmt mich mit und konfrontiert mich mit bekannten Gefühlen, danke fürs zeigen und teilhaben .
GLG Line